Our Research Department has a big team of researchers of every level including students and professionals.
PINPOINT organises different types of seminars with the collaboraton of various organizations and through grants.
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PINPOINT Institute prepare reports and other publications for our events and research to help major concernees.
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About Us

PINPOINT Institute established in January 2013. PINPOINT stands “Platform for Improvement, Negotiation of Peace–Oriented Ideas and New Thoughts”. Pinpoint Institute is a non-governmental, not-for-profit, unbiased, Peace and Research-Oriented think-tank based in Islamabad. PINPOINT Institute is a research based think in Islamabad promoting peace-oriented ideas and new thoughts in the areas of international affairs and cooperation and strategic studies through unbiased research, dialogues and objective analysis by scholars, intellectuals, researchers, politicians, diplomats, academicians, and analysts. .PINPOINT organizes roundtables, seminars and conferences on weekly, monthly and annual basis regarding regional world strategic dialogue series.

Mission & Vision

It aims to promote the Pakistan’s strategic dialogues with other world regarding international relations and cooperation through research and objective analysis while focusing on peace-oriented ideas and new thoughts.
Believe to solve strategic challenges faced by mankind in diverse fields through innovative peaceful strategies.

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Areas of Research

  • Peace & Security
  • International Relations & Cooperations
  • Economics Growth & Development
  • Energy & Renewable Resources
  • Environment & Climate Change
  • Health, Food & Water
  • Social & Youth Policy
  • Education & Opportunities

Our Events

  • Capacity building
  • Internships
  • PIAS workshops
  • Visits of Universities/Institutions
  • Mentorship